Recessed Manhole Covers

Single seal domestic   PC6AG
Single seal 5T   PC6BG
Sealed & locking solid top 2.5T   PC6AG3
Sealed & locking solid top 5T   PC6BG3
Recessed sq. to round 300x300mm CD300SR
Recessed sq. to round 450x450mm CLKS450SR
Recessed block paving 10T   CD 790R/80
Sealed&locking recessed 5T 300x300mm T1G3
Sealed & locking recessed 5T T11G3
Aqua Knight recessed tray   AQK6045
Sq. shallow insp. solid top 300mm   CLKS 300
Poly.cover-dual lock 450mm circ. top CLKS452
Poly. cover – dual lock 450mm sq. top CLKS451
Cast iron manhole cover & frame   CLKS62
Ductile iron m’hole cover & frame CLKS762ENB
Poly.hinged & locking Stop Tap Box CLKS880