Underground Drainage & Rainwater Systems

68mm Access Pipe Black BR001
110mm X 68mm Reducer Black BR003
112mm Surefit 90 Deg Angle Black BR005
112mm Surefit 120 Deg Angle Black BR006
112mm Surefit 135 Deg Angle Black BR007
112mm Surefit Joint Bracket Black BR008
112mm Half Round Support Bracket Black BR010
112mm Surefit Running Outlet Black BR011
112mm Surefit Stopend Outlet Black BR012
112mm Surefit Stopend External Black BR013
68mm Rainwater Hopper Head Black BR014
68mm Pipe Connector Black BR017
68mm Pipe Bracket Single Fixing Black BR019
68mm 112.5 Deg Bend Black BR020
68mm Shoe Black BR021
68mm 112.5 Deg Branch Black BR022
68mm Adjustable Offset Black BR024
112mm Half Round 2 Fix Supp. Brkt Black BR025
68mm Pipe Bracket Black BR046
112mm Half Round Gutter Union Black BR398
112mm Half Round Gutter 2m Black BR511
112mm Half Round Gutter 4m Black BR512
68mm Rainwater Pipe 2m Black BR518
68mm Rainwater Pipe 2.5m Black BR519
68mm Rainwater Pipe 4m Black BR520
68mm 92.5 Deg Bend Black BR577
110mm x 68mm Adaptor Black Round BR768

110mm Universal Connector Black BS121
110mm 90 Deg P Gulley Trap* DS001
110mm Square Hopper 300mm Spigot DS002
110mm Square Hopper (Socket) DS003
110mm Square Hopper Inc Grating DS004
110mm Back Inlet Hopper 300mm Spigot DS006
110mm Back Inlet Hopper (Socket) DS007
110mm Back Inlet Hopper Inc Grating DS008
150mm X 250mm Sealed B/I Plate Black DS010
150mm X 100mm Back Inlet Plate Black DS011
110mm Multi Gulley Trap DS012
150mm X 150mm Grating Black DS020
152mm Square Sealed Cover Plate Black DS022
Multi Purpose Adaptor DS024
32/40mm X 110mm  Flexiblewaste Adaptor DS025
Shallow Access Frame & Cover – Aluminium DS039
Seal For DS039 Shallow Access Frame & Cover DS040
110mm Bottle Gully Open Back Inlet DS043
110mm Bottle Gully* DS046
110mm Sealed Access DS047
Bottle Gully Raising Piece DS048
110mm Bottle Gully Inc Sq/Top* DS049
110mm Inspection Chamber Base 450mm Dia.* DS050
Sq Gully Top Accessory Black DS054
Circular Grid – Replacement DS055
Blanking Plug DS056
Raising Piece For 450mm Diam. Insp. Chamber* DS058
Square Frame and Cover for SA Chamber DS068
Plastic Round Frame and Cover for SA Chamber DS069
Shallow Access Chamber Base 230mm Dia. DS071
Shallow Access Chamber Riser 230mm Dia DS072
110mm Single Socket DS208
110mm Double Socket* DS211
110mm Slip Coupling DS212
110mm Socket Plug DS214
110mm Access Cap Spigot Tail Terracotta DS246
110mm 87.5 Deg Branch Single Equal Terr.* DS269
110mm 45 Deg Double Skt.Single Equal Junct.* DS278
110mm Access Pipe Spigot Tail DS309
110mm 30 Deg Single Socket Bend DS318
110mm 87.5 Deg Single Socket Bend* DS322
110mm 87.5 Deg Access Bend DS326
110mm Adjustable Bend 5 to 30 Deg DS329
110mm 45 Deg Single Socket Bend* DS331
110mm Connector-Chamber to Thickwall Clay Blk. DS347
110mm Connector-ChaMber to Thinwall Clay Blk. DS348
110mm Connector-Pvc to Ci BS416 Socket Blk. DS349
110mm Connector-Pvc to Thickwall Clay Black DS350
110mm Connector-Pvc to Thinwall Clay T/cotta DS351
Hunter Drain Leaf Guard DS500
110mm U/G Drain Pipe 3m S/S Terracotta DS508
110mm U/G Drain Pipe 6m P/E Terracotta* DS544
110mm U/G Drain Pipe 6m S/S Terracotta* DS549
110mm 87.5 Deg 456mm Long Radius Bend DS555
110mm 45 Deg 456mm Long Radius Bend DS557
110mm Channel Pipe DS559
110mm 45 Deg LH Channel Bend DS561
110mm 45 Deg Rh Channel Bend DS563
110mm 87.5 Deg Long Radius Bend DS566
110 X 82mm Level Invert Reducer DS633
110mm 10 Deg 300mm Long Radius Bend DS661
110mm 20 Deg 300mm Long Radius Bend DS662
110mm 87.5 Rest Bend* DS663
110mm Rodding Point DS670
110mm 87.5 Deg Double Socket Bend* DS671
110mm 87.5 Triple Skt. Single Equal Junct* DS672
110mm 10 Deg Double Socket Bend* DS673
110mm 20 Deg Double Socket Bend* DS674
110mm x 30 Deg Double Socket Brown* DS675
110mm 45 Deg Double Socket Bend* DS676
110mm 45 Deg Triple Skt.Single Equal Junct* DS678
110mm 20 Deg Single Socket Bend* DS696
110mm 10 Deg Single Socket Bend* DS697
Multiflex Bend Double T/cotta MFBDO
Multiflex Bend Single T/cotta MFBSO
Multiflex Branch Double T/cotta MFYDO
Multiflex Branch Treble Terracotta MFYTO
125ml Solvent Cleaner SC950
125ml Solvent Cement SC953
30ml Silicone Lubricant SC960
250ml Silicone Lubricant SC966
300ml Lubricant Spray SC967